Western Union-FIFA-World Cup- South Africa2010         =======ZOOMSHARE=======

The Promotion is organized by Fexco Money Transfer Company United Kingdom

This is purposely to reward all Western Union Patriotic Customers World Wide.


The listed customers’ of Western Union are entitle to

Best of Customers’ Western Union-FIFA-World Cup- South Africa2010-Splash Bonus prize of GBP 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand British Pounds) only.for their patronage 

Name; Shana Rudd  Country; USA

Name;  Angel Ng  Country; Panama Rep.

Name; .Kunal Dasgupta Country; Australia

Name; Elias Shahem  Country; Russia.

Name; Evans Oluoch  Country; Nairobi, Kenya .

Name; Matthias Andelfinger :Country; Germany

Name; Armstrong Hsieh     Country; Taiwan

Name; Jovan Jovanoc     Country; Macedonia

Name; Kok Tai  Country; Indonesia

Name; Edson Fabrini  Country; Brazil

Name; Vladimira Pasovska   Country; Czech Republic

Name; Norman Peter Sadka Country; Lebanon

Name; Masayuki Koba Yashi  Country; Japan

Name; Osmund Apo Country; Mexico

Name; Vladimir Ugrik    Country; Australia

Name; Aejaz H Khan:  Country; Pakistan

Name; JOSE ALBERTO F. PAN    Country;Philippines

Name; Enz von Leitner  Country: Germany

Name; Amin Saleh      Country; United Arab Emirat

Name; Dragan Erbes Country; Serbia

Name; Marinus Leedert Rijkers    Country; Germany

Name; Hans Pawlik   Country; Austria

Name; Harry Van Dam Country; USA .

Name; Osmund Apo Country; USA

Name; isaiah rolle  Country; Bahamas.

Name; Jeannine Viguier   Country; France

Name; Masao Matsubara.    Country; Japan

Name; Fan Peter Jerry.       Country; China.

Name; Johnny Ross.   Country; USA.

Name; Lars Hellberg   Country; Sweden.

Name; Dickson Well   Country; United Kingdom

Name; Surasak Bumphenboon  Country; Thailand.

Name; Agus Burhan  Country; Taiwan

Name; Salim Shafie   Country; Malaysia.

Name; Helmut Schimanski   Country; Germany

Name; Goderdzi Akhaladze  Country; Ukraine.

Name; Johnny Zhang Guanghai Country; China.

Name; Hugo B. Martinsen ::   Country; Denmark

Name; Nora B. Galang     Country; Suth Korea

Name; Micael Tanzborn Country; Sweeden.

Name; Zhorick Miloslavsky Country; Russia

Name, Chipaila Marius  Country;  Romania.

Name; Chaiyouth Narkdang   Country; Thailand

Name; Harry Bunch  Country; Nassau, Bahamas.

Name; Chien Hon Ye.  Country; Taiwan

Name; Jorge Diego Romeira  Country; Agentina

Name; Harry Wilson. Country; USA

Name; Cho Nam Doo Country; Seoul, Korea

Name; Siegmund Amiel.   Country; Israel

 The Process to receive your Best of Customers’ Western Union-WU-FIFA-SA 2010- Bonus-Splash price of GBP 50,000.00.

Send new Western Union Payment of $1000 to any of your relation that lives in London UK, Then Forward the Receiving Name and Payment Control Numbers  for activation, the coordinating officer, will return the same payment control numbers to you after activated with your bonus prize, then you will go back to the Western Union centre where you make the payment to receive your bonus prize with the previous payment information MTCN Reference Numbers you had paid newly to your relation in London UK,,

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